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Apart from playground equipment and open gym equipment, Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. specializes in manufacturing premium quality EPDM Rubber Floor. Being one of the excellent EPDM Rubber Flooring Manufacturers in Delhi, we design and create beautiful, durable and comfortable flooring for gyms and playgrounds that keep the space safe and minimize injuries due to slipperiness and fall on the floor. We thoughtfully manufacture them to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

Excellent Reasons To Install Our EPDM Rubber Floorings:

  • Known for shock absorption and weatherproof properties.
  • Comfortable, durable and ensure good abrasion resistance.
  • Create antiskid and non-slip surfaces and minimize the risk of injuries.
  • EPDM Rubber Flooring is available in various sizes, shapes and shades.
  • Easy to assemble, maintain the durability and require minimal maintenance.
  • Applied for interior and exteriors, our EPDM Floor Mat is available in eye-catching colour combinations.
  • Inexpensive to maintain, this high-quality EPDM Rubber Flooring is best for withstanding heavy foot traffic.

It is available in different thicknesses and customizations according to your specific requirements. We have gained excellent appreciation among top-notch EPDM Rubber Sheet Exporters and Suppliers in India for offering a superior range of EPDM Flooring at reasonable rates. Contact us to enquire more.

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Discover Our Newest Range of EPDM Rubber Flooring from Delhi, India

Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt Ltd. is one of the most prominent EPDM Rubber Flooring manufacturers in Delhi, India. We are engaged in offering an inclusive variety of EPDM Rubber Flooring in Delhi, India. In our wide range of collections, we provide Open Gym Equipment, Outdoor Playground Equipment, Kids Play Equipment, Outdoor Gym Equipment, Fitness Equipment, and Gyms / Exercising Machines in parks and open spaces across Delhi, India.

We always ensure to deliver the best quality and high durable playground for kids. All the playground equipment like Garden Multiplay System, See Saw, Play System, Rope, Swing, and Rope Play in Delhi, Indiaare designed for kids with fun activities and purposes. We promise that our offered EPDM Rubber Flooring will give you value for money. It is our promise to provide you with value for money when it comes to our offered Children’s Play Equipment.

Most Popular Benefits of EPDM Rubber Flooring

It has been shown that physical activity outdoors lowers a person's blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, exercising outdoors feels less strenuous than exercising indoors, which pushes you toward your maximum performance. Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. also provides superior quality EPDM Rubber Flooring in Delhi, India at an affordable price. 

  • When training outdoors, you can also enjoy the benefits of sunshine. You'll get a suntan while training, and the sun will lift your spirits! Our outdoor playground equipment is suitable for outdoor exercise and can withstand the external environment. We are the best supplier of Playground Slides in Delhi, India which are placed in various parks, schools, gardens, society parks and other places. 
  • In order to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle in Delhi, India, we have designed Playground Multiplay Slide, particularly for fitness freaks. We offer a wide variety of fitness equipment that will strengthen and tone your body muscles and fit your exercise regimen. 

With this professionalism, years of experience, and expertise, we offer only the best to customers all over the globe. We are a one-stop destination to purchase Open Gym Equipment, Outdoor Playground Equipment, and EPDM Rubber Flooring in Delhi, India.

What Is Your Company Profile?

Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2015. And in a short span of time, we became one of the prominent EPDM Rubber Flooring Manufacturers in Delhi. Our EPDM Rubber Flooring are highly appreciable. Our team of professionals never mind walking the extra mile in bringing the best for you. The diversity and dependability of our EPDM Rubber Flooring make them a sustainable and worthy choice for our customers. Our team's tireless efforts help us to be well-renowned among reliable EPDM Rubber Flooring Exporters and Suppliers in India.

What Are The Different Products You Offer?

Here is the list of different equipment that we have in our catalog:

  • Kids Outdoor Equipment
  • Kids Indoor Play Equipment
  • Outdoor Multiplay System
  • Kids Multi Action Play System
  • Playground Equipment
  • Kids Climbing Equipment
  • Garden Equipment
  • Garden Multi Play System
  • Open Gym Equipment
  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment
  • Open Park Exercise Equipment

How to Choose the Best EPDM Rubber Flooring?

Here are a few points that you should keep in your mind when you choose EPDM Rubber Flooring:

  • Check the comfortability and durability
  • Check the safety of the EPDM Rubber Flooring
  • Check the quality of the material
  • Check whether it requires high maintenance
  • Check the price range

Do You Customize The EPDM Rubber Flooring As Per Demand?

Yes, we are here to meet your desired EPDM Rubber Flooring. We are committed to customizing the EPDM Rubber Flooring as per our client’s demand. Our team of professionals is highly specialized and never mind breaking the boundaries to attain client satisfaction and design the EPDM Rubber Flooring accordingly with utmost precision and using modern machinery.

What Is The Cost Of Installing Of EPDM Rubber Flooring?

To know the cost of EPDM Rubber Flooring, please give us a call on the given number or drop your query on the email. We are unable to disclose the price range here. To relieve the cost here is against our company ethics. So go through our website, select the EPDM Rubber Flooring and then drop us an email. We are here to help you.

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